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Year 3 start the year with a breakfast party!

Teachers and TA's work hard to get that mark of 10 from the Bumblebee, Ladybird and Dragonfly critics.

Enjoying some light entertainment between breakfast courses.

Chef Steve from Winchester University visted Year 3 to give a hands on practical day of cooking.

We tasted delicious stick toffee pudding.

We watch Chef Steve experiment with spices and make a delicious curry sauce - yum!

We developed our own cooking skills of chopping, grating and mixing.

It was particularly fun to taste all of our practise cooking!!!!

We invited, by letter of official invitation, our parents and carers in to taste our smoothies.

They told us what they liked about our smoothies and what we could improve before our breakfast.

We finally showed off all of our skills at a breakfast for special adults who help us. Thank you!



"The dedication of the teachers and opportunity given for Year 6 on the Little Canada experience. My child came home full of stories and excitement. And remarkably not tired! What an opportunity!"