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Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day

Learning Ambassadors

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Learning Ambassadors are children from each year group who meet every half term to discuss any issues that have arisen.

Learning Ambassadors

Year 3

Dashiell (Spiders)

Emily (Ladybirds)

Luca (Grasshoppers)

Year 4

Harjun (Swifts)

Mae (Kestrels)

Megan (Red Kites)

Year 5

Anjali (Polar Bears)

Luke (Narwhals)

Lucas (Puffins)

Year 6

Eli (Scorpions)

Eloise (Lynxes)

Syeda (Jaguars)


"The main reason for emailing is to thank individual teachers for going the 'extra mile' to support my child in all the extra activities at school. Both teachers have taken personal responsibility for his safety and well-being to enable him to participate in slightly risky activities (our choice as I do not wish him to be limited). He has enjoyed swimming and the Little Canada trip and reports his teachers and staff are 'really kind' to him. Thank you for giving him an equal opportunity to thrive at your school. "