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Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


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The purpose of the Shirley Junior School PTA is to support the school through practical help and fundraising whilst working to strengthen links between the school, parents and the wider community.

You can contact us by emailing: pta@sj.jetrust.org

Our 2016/2017 Committee:

Co-Chair: Michelle Collins & Nicola Howarth

Treasurer: Vincent Uppelschoten


General Member: Kerry Sullivan

Non Committee Roles:

Parent Forum Coordinator: Jo Craig

Teacher Reps: Clare Mendez & Jo Tearle

Pond Team: Rachel Schranz

Cake Team: Tracey Prince

Newsletter & Adverts: Mark Howarth

External Fundraising:

Easy Fundraising  Coordinator: Clare Powell

Transport Rep: Martina Olley

Parent Representatives:

Ladybirds: Ludmila Geitner; Sarah Dodd; Chris Nash; Natalie Lyndon

Spiders: Sam Holmes; Seyi Segun; Abigail Bartlett

Grasshoppers: Jo Craig; Lorrayne Smith; Kerry Wilkinson

Swifts: Martina Olley; Clare Mendez

Kestrels: Nicola Howarth

Red Kites: Janet Price

Puffins: Kerry Sullivan

Polar Bears: Nuala O'Keefe

Narwhals: Clare Powell; Rachel Schranz

Scorpions: Martina Olley; Clare Mendez; Susanne Fangohr

Lynx: Michelle Collins; Sara Carr; Marsida Dobra


"My son never ''loved'' school but the topics and the teaching of the content in Shirley Juniors are fantastic. They have set off a spark in his imagination and for once he can't stop talking about how much he is learning."