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Everyone had a chance to have their say!

The democratic process was run by and overseen by previous years learning ambassadors.

After some rousing hustings and presentations SJS was ready to vote!

September - Democracy Day- voting in our new house captains and learning ambassadors.

Developing citizenship skills were a priority in year 3, starting to discover what it means to be an SJS citizen on Democracy day.

Year 3 explored the origins of democracy on our democracy day - travelling back to Ancient Greece.

year 3 reflected on whether democracy in Ancient Greece was truly a fair process.

Year 4 explored the beginnings of democracy in England looking at the Magna Carta,

Year 5 looked at the Suffragette movement.

Was a democracy always for all the people?

Year 5 created their own march for women's votes.

They reflected on the importance of have a fair society and what that looks like as a Shirley citizen.

Year 5 march for equal rights for men and women.

Year 5 - Women are no less than men!

Year 6 looked at democracy today and analysed the manifestos of the main parties.

"Really pleased to see the homework over half term which is all about children's ideas for the Christmas performance, and gives them freedom to express their ideas in whatever way they wish. I love this approach. "