Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day


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Everyone had a chance to have their say!

The democratic process was run by and overseen by previous years learning ambassadors.

After some rousing hustings and presentations SJS was ready to vote!

September - Democracy Day- voting in our new house captains and learning ambassadors.

Developing citizenship skills were a priority in year 3, starting to discover what it means to be an SJS citizen on Democracy day.

Year 3 explored the origins of democracy on our democracy day - travelling back to Ancient Greece.

year 3 reflected on whether democracy in Ancient Greece was truly a fair process.

Year 4 explored the beginnings of democracy in England looking at the Magna Carta,

Year 5 looked at the Suffragette movement.

Was a democracy always for all the people?

Year 5 created their own march for women's votes.

They reflected on the importance of have a fair society and what that looks like as a Shirley citizen.

Year 5 march for equal rights for men and women.

Year 5 - Women are no less than men!

Year 6 looked at democracy today and analysed the manifestos of the main parties.

"Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day."