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Children enjoy two PE lessons a week, dance or gymnastic s and games. Lessons cover a whole range of physical activity including , problem solving, skills development, team development . Throughout the year all year 6 children have the opportunity to visit Upper Shirley High School for cluster competitions.

PE Leaders Lower School PE Leader Miss Carey and the Upper School PE Leader is Mrs Mendez

Sports Leaders at Shirley Junior School

Across the school we have 10 Sports Leaders whose role is to help organise and run activities at lunchtime.

To become a sports leader the children were required to write an application form outlining why they were suitable for the job.

Sports Committee

Last year the Sports Committee worked hard to make Active and Healthy week a success. They planned, organised and ran a dodgeball event for every year group as well as running the Healthy Snack Bar.

To become a member of the committee the children had to write a letter of application responding to a job advert for the role.

After School Clubs

Many of our after school clubs are run in conjunction with Team Spirit. We offer a range of clubs including; Karate, Dance, Football, Netball, Cross Country, Cricket, Rounders, Dodgeball and Athletics in the summer.


Cross Country

Cross Country this year we have had another very successful year, again entering the most teams in the city. Our girls A team came 2nd in the league as did our boys A team.

Last year our girls A team won the league as well as taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Our girls were also successful in the Upper School Championships gaining 1st place as well as the top 3 individual places for the girls.

The March Hare saw us with a weakened team, but battling through to take 3rd place.

J Rock

Last year saw the J Rock team finally move away from 3rd place to secure our highest ever placing of 2nd.

The team also won all but one of the awards for excellence.

This year's rehearsals are well under way for the event on Saturday 28th February.


During the cricket season, we have competed in more events than ever. The year 5 cup, the under 11 Hampshire cup, Girls Kwik cricket tournament and the Boys Kwik cricket tournament.

In the two Kwik cricket tournaments we were runners up!

Tri Golf

In the year 5/6 tri golf we had a great afternoon and secured 5th place.

Rounders and Netball

Rounders and Netball saw us progressing to the semi finals for the first time.


This season is well under way and we have already competed in the girls' and boys' leagues as well as the year 5, 6 and girls tournament.

During last year's football season, we have competed in more events than ever. The year 5 cup, the girls cup, Redbridge cup, as well as the girls and boys leagues.

The girls got to the final in the cup tournament being beaten by a single goal. Our boys A team beat the B team to take the Redbridge cup!

Sports Day

Congratulations to Barn on their amazing win!

USH Events

Last year, we took part in a range of events at a local secondary school USH. We competed against other schools and learned many different skills to help improve sport.

This year, year 6 will be representing the school at the half termly events. Starting with Dodgeball in December.

Active and Healthy Week

This takes place during the last week of the school year and will involve the children taking part in a range of sporting and healthy activities from a morning run or Zumba session to participating in a range of new activities.

PE and Sport Premium for Primary Schools

Since the employment of a PE Primary Liaison Officer in 2013, many changes have occurred with schools’ PE and some of these are outlined below.

All PE policies, curriculums and assessment procedures have been reviewed, extending provision and offering some new exciting activities to children. Teachers have regular opportunities for on-going lesson support as well as continued whole staff training.

Pupil participation has increased as children continue to participate in a variety of competitions and celebrations of PE, both in and out of school, including various charity events, including Sport Relief and British Heart Foundation. Some children have received training as young sports leaders to help run lunch time activities for other pupils. Children are also invited to become Sports leaders and/or members of the sports committee where they have responsibility for supporting planning additional events and activities.

Schools have benefited as a whole through receiving relevant, up to date planning and regular INSET opportunities, leading to a more confident and competent workforce.

In addition the profile of PE has been raised through a termly newsletter, Sports Times, which aims to celebrate children’s achievements and ‘Sportsdesk’ – a new feature on schools’ websites providing up to date information for families.  Schools can apply for a sports kitemark which recognises and rewards individual schools work around PE. Last year we achieved the Gold Award.

Annual sports awards, based on the Olympic values are now a feature of school, giving children a key focus for the academic year, both in PE lessons and in other lessons.

Regular meetings are held between the two PE managers. 

Children have been invited to attend additional sessions to further develop PE competencies and this provision has helped extend those particularly talented children and also those children who find some aspects of PE difficult to access.

Assessment procedures have also been reviewed with particular focus on children achieving greater depth and those working below age related expectations. 

We have set up sports committees whereby the pupils themselves run sports events, sports leaders also form a major part of sporting life in schools.

There have been regular opportunities for newly qualified teachers to extend and improve their knowledge as well as CPD opportunities for all staff.

By working in collaboration with local clubs and organisations children have been offered further opportunities to engage in taster sessions and staff are able to signpost children to relevant clubs wherever necessary.

-Clare Mendez, Autumn term 2017

Staff Training

Staff have had a Health and Safety session as well as support in developing the new assessment system. 

We are also lucky enough to have members from the Bassett Tennis Club coming in to work with our year 3s and Southampton Diving Club have worked with our children to highlight any that would make able divers.


"I would like to feedback the effort and care of individual teachers at the school. Really supportive. "