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Taking pride in school is important and looking smart is one way of showing this. School uniform gives a sense of belonging and also makes clothing your child more straightforward.

children can be in school colours at all times. We appreciate your efforts in maintaining a high standard of appearance.

All Shirley Junior School uniform can be purchased from Skoolkit in Totton, Southampton or online, or My Clothing online.

Visit Skoolkit website

Visit My Clothing website


Green pullover/jumper/sweatshirt

White or grey shirt

Grey or black trousers

(NO jeans or tracksuit bottoms please)


Green cardigan/jumper/sweatshirt

Grey or black skirt

Grey or black trousers

(NO jeans or tracksuit bottoms please)

Green and white gingham summer dress

The Footwear

Shoes should be of a sensible school design and colour, bought bearing in mind the need to care for your children's feet rather than for fashion. Please remember when choosing school shoes for your child that they will have to walk up and down a number of staircases during the average school day, and that some parts of the school are quite a long way from each other. Trainers or plimsolls are not acceptable classroom wear, and neither are high heeled shoes or open-toed sandals or flip flops, since neither of these provide a suitable level of support in a building with so many stairs. In particularly severe, cold or inclement conditions boots may be worn but children must change into their usual shoes once in school.

PE/Games Kit

For outside games lessons children should wear plimsolls or trainers (no logos). They should wear sports socks, black shorts and a plain white tee shirt (no logos). Plain jogging bottoms and sweatshirts can be worn in colder weather (no logos). For indoor PE lessons children can wear plimsolls. They should wear plain shorts and a white tee shirt, or a tee shirt in their house colour.

Please provide your child with a named washable bag for storing PE and Games equipment. All equipment must be named.

All jewellery must be removed for PE and Games lessons unless it is being worn for religious reasons. Jewellery which is being worn for religious reasons must be covered by a sweatband, headband or by tape during PE and Games lessons.

Long hair must be tied back during these lessons, regardless of gender.


Swimming is a compulsory element of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 children and Year 5 children visit a nearby swimming pool. If they are unwell or are suffering from infectious conditions, verruca or open wounds, a letter asking to be excused is all that is needed.


All children should have a named apron or old shirt to wear when they are engaged in Art and Craft or other practical activities. This can be kept in your child's P.E. bag on his/her peg.

Jewellery and Watches

Articles of personal jewellery such as rings and necklaces are not to be worn in cases of accidents. Small stud earrings are permitted but must be covered by tape during P.E. and Games lessons. Please co-operate by covering these before children come into school. If wrist watches are worn, it is at the child's own risk. There is no secure place for 'valuables' and staff cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to valuable personal property.

Lost Property

All articles of clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with your child's name. The school makes every effort to recover lost property but cannot accept responsibility for property lost, damaged or stolen on the premises.


"Really pleased to see the homework over half term which is all about children's ideas for the Christmas performance, and gives them freedom to express their ideas in whatever way they wish. I love this approach. "